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Sunday, July 11, 2010


...to the only blog (as far as I'm aware) dedicated to Hanna-Barbera's animated sci-fi adventure series, The Herculoids!

It was one of my favorite TV shows when I was growing up, and I'm finding out through the Internet that a lot of others have fond memories of it as well. Not to mention there are many who've never had the chance to watch the show during its original run, but have caught it during its many rebroadcasts on the Boomerang! cable channel, or in YouTube clips. By way of this blog, I hope to share my enthusiasm for the series, in my opinion one of the most imaginative concepts ever created for TV animation.

You'll find tidbits of trivia, links to fan art on the web, and my own insufferable opinions on the characters, stories and settings - where they went right and wrong. (I'm a big fan, but I'm not going to ignore flaws.) I hope you'll enjoy your visits, and will bookmark this site for future reference.

And for those who aren't familiar with the Herculoids, this Wikipedia article should get you up and running.

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  1. although i disagree with some of your assessments (such as Zandor's "king" status or trusting wikipedia in the first place), thank you very much for such an obvious work of love!

    it is really appreciated!