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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slight change to episode reviews

I'm currently finishing up the review for episode 1, "The Beaked People", and it's much longer and more involved than I anticipated. So there'll be a couple of alterations to the plans I outlined in the previous post for future reviews:
  • Each review will cover only one episode, instead of both episodes in that week's half-hour. The review for "The Beaked People" is long enough as it is; combining it with the review for episode 2, "The Raiders"... well, that's a lot o' reading!
  • Also, the goal of a review a week might be a little ambitious. I'll try to keep it up (and reviewing only one episode at a time will make that task easier), but if I miss a week, I beg your understanding. It takes longer to get and process screen grabs than I anticipated, for example.

The review of "The Beaked People" will be up very soon!

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