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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That Wikipedia article

After my first post, in which I referred those who are not familiar with these "Herculoid" thingies to this Wikipedia article, I decided to look at that article again myself. And I realized that, given the reputation Wikipedia has gained over the years for not always being, shall we say, "scrupulously accurate" (especially in articles concerning political subjects), I should have warned that not all of the information you'll find there will be correct.

Most of the article is fairly accurate - it's one of the few sites that accurately reports that the original name of the Herculoids' home planet was "Amzot", more about that in a future post - but there are two glaring errors: First, it consistently misspells Tara's name with an excess "r" ("Tarra"), and it states that "All of the show's incidental music was recycled from Jonny Quest."


Certainly some of the underscore for the episodes was recycled from Hoyt Curtin's music for JQ, but to categorically state that all the music was reused is to ignore the fact that the Herculoids theme figures prominently in several places in the score for practically every episode.

The frequent use of the theremin (or some other electronic synthesizer) in the theme and underscore for the episodes also belies the "all the music is recycled" assertion, since the theremin was used very little (if at all) in the Jonny Quest series. Update: My memories of the series are playing me false here. Although the theremin is prominently featured in the series' theme, it's used very little if at all in the episode underscores (as a re-watch of several episodes in the last day or so confirmed).

My point is simply to take what you read on Wikipedia with a grain of salt; and if you find contradictory information on another site, realize that the Wiki article might be wrong in that instance.

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  1. Also, as a college student, Wikipedia is not the best place for researching your term papers. ^^;