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Friday, October 29, 2010

Herculoids comics 1: "Invasion of the Martian Ants"

So imagine my delight to see the following cover at the newsstand in 1968:

Actual Herculoids comics! Okay, a little disappointed that it wasn't an actual Herculoids comic; that is, that the entire issue wasn't devoted to them... but, as it is today, ya takes what ya can get.

Now, I have no idea who the writer or the artist is. But the story does manage to capture the flavor of the TV episodes. (And they share one of the handicaps of the TV show: just as I feel the quality of the stories and the storytelling is hampered by the inadequate length of each episode, so the comics suffer from having to be shoehorned into six pages. But the art is serviceable if not spectacular; the writing seems to anticipate the Space Stars version of the series in that Tara, Zandor and Dorno speak (as in Space Stars) in a more stilted manner than in the original series.

One other note: I did not make these scans, and I've forgotten who did. (I found the link for this issue, as well as for issues #2 and 4 which also feature Herculoids stories, here.)

I've toyed with the idea of making my own animation of this story; and I would if I didn't have so many other things I want to do!

Click on each image to open it full-size (896 by 1296 pixels) in a new window:

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Great find here, David. The comic stayed very close to the style of the cartoon. =)