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Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Finally Happening! Herculoids on DVD!!

First, let me say that I never intended to stay away this long from the blog! But this stuff called "life" keeps happening to me, and it always seems that other things are more important than reviewing Herculoids episodes.

But I had to come back and post some great news here: The Warner Archive Collection has just announced the release of The Herculoids: The Complete Animated Series on DVD!

I don't have any details on the contents (other than it should be all 18 episodes from the original 1967-68 series on 2 discs, but Warner Archives releases generally tend not to have any bonus material on them). But that hasn't stopped me from placing my pre-order for the set! And I'll post a review of the set when I get it in my grubby little hands, and have a chance to watch them.

Here's the box art:

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  1. Great news to hear, both the DVD release and the new post in some time. I understand how RL can sidetrack personal projects. As a college student, I had to put a lot of pet projects on the back burner due to my studies.

    I did notice a featurette mentioned in the link entitled "The Herculoids: The First Family of Quasar". It runs about 4:33 long. Hope they offer a little more than that but WB has been known to give little or no DVD features for certain releases.

    Plus I spotted your latest Herculoids fanart. Looks amazing from the background to the lovely Tara herself. Hope you get to mention it on the blog soon.

    Finally, I just wanna post a link to a previous comment I left regarding more Herculoids fanart back in August of 2010. Checked the links earlier today and they still work.